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Many people embark on an adult dating journey and one thing that they are looking for is oral sex. Many men and women all around the world find that they lack hot oral sex in their life, and many times even when they are in a regular relationship their partner is not interested in going down on them. This can lead to frustration, and what’s worse, is that oral sex is one of the most awesome things that someone can do for their partner!

oral sex

So, why are men and women afraid to go down there? Well, some worry that they can pick up an STD or even HIV when performing oral sex, and this can be one thing that many in the adult dating world worry about. So, is oral sex good or bad for your health?

Well, it seems that like with everything in life, there are advantages and also disadvantages to having oral sex with your adult dating partners.

The good stuff

Oral sex is enjoyable, and women often find in particular that it means they can then orgasm when finished off with penetrative sex. Pleasure means a boost to your mood and also your immune system and of course, oral sex helps burn calories. It can even tone facial muscles and ladies – if you swallow, a man’s sperm contains a hefty cocktail of Zinc which is great for your skin and your immune system!

The bad stuff

Like with any sexual activity, there are risks of STD’s, with HPV being the top concern. The adult dating world thankfully often sees people being careful, so be sure to use a condom. There is also research that suggests that oral sex can pose a risk for Chlamydia, so again, just keep safe when exploring adult dating as to be frank, you never know where your casual partner has been.

The survey was condacted by adult dating site, don’t afraid you give pleasure to your sex partner, be safe!